Qantas Took A Year To Build A Windows Phone App

We first heard about Qantas developing a Windows Phone app almost a year ago. The app has finally been released this week, offering flight schedules, frequent flyer information and a GPS-based calculator that works out how long it should take to get to the airport from your current destination.

Qantas already has an iPhone app for frequent flyers, and the Windows Phone addition looks pleasing. Here's hoping it's not 12 months before Android gets some love. The app is free in the Windows marketplace.

Qantas [Windows Marketplace]


    Does it crash?

      I thought that it would never get off the ground...

    They released a WP app before an Android app? Doesn't make much sense.

    Good to know -Well, you know, just in case I buy a Windows phone... and buy a ticket with Qantas...

    Guess it says a lot about that OS

    The WP App craps all over the iOS version

    I'll wait for the iOS update. I'm sure it's right round the corner.

    Yeah, no idea why it took so long. I saw a demo of it at Remix11 last year in sydney. Its meant to be pretty sweet in that the tiles update to show information based on what stage of the flight process you are in. So before check in it will be prompting you to get to the airport, then after checkin what gate to get to.

    Pity I never fly with Qantas. :)

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