Meal Snap Photographs Your Food And Automatically Estimates The Calories You Ate

Meal Snap is a pretty neat app that photographs your food, uploads the picture, and then replies with a calorie count in just a few seconds.

This seems like the sort of thing that wouldn't actually work, but it's surprisingly impressive. I took pictures of some leftover steamed veggies in my fridge and it gave me a pretty accurate calorie count. While I can't be sure, I'd imagine these counts are looked up by actual people as you get a faster response if you name your food rather than simply photograph it. That said, I took a picture of some brownies I made last night and, although Meal Snap's horde of calorie counters thought it was chocolate cake, the calorie count was pretty much spot on. It even gave me a calorie count for a bag of dog bones. It's fast, it works, and is excellent if you're trying to count calories but hate the tedious task of looking up every food you ate after every meal.

Meal Snap is available on the iTunes App Store, right now, for $3.99.

Meal Snap [iTunes App Store via MobileCrunch]


    As someone who has used almost EVERY single weight loss and diet iPhone app in the Health and Fitness Category. I can say that I was LESS THAN IMPRESSED with meal snap. Novel concept of course, but pathetic accuracy. In my opinion **THE BEST** iPhone diet app is hands down intelli-Diet! It just takes the thinking out of the equation and I just eat what it says. Down 12 pounds in a few weeks! I believe it’s 60% off now too so you should check it out before meal snap! is their link.

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