How Do You Decide Whether Or Not To Buy An App?

The unfortunate thing about apps in mobile apps stores is that trials are often not available, so you have to decide whether or not an app is worth purchasing based on various types of information.

There are reviews, recommendations from web sites (like this one!), the number of downloads, and other information you can find online. But without firsthand experience, you can't really be sure how much you're going to like it. So what's your tipping point? How do you decide if an app's worth buying when you can't always test them out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


    I base my downloads on the reviews, not only on the app store but places like Lifehacker too.
    One thing that will deter me though is a bad icon. I feel that if a company can't develop a halfway decent icon for their app, then their app is going to be not better. I guess it's like judging a book by its cover, but I can't help it.

      I agree with you completely on the bad icon thing. I've found that apps with bad icons are pretty much always bad.

    Use Installous for trials. Thats the intention, not for pirating apps. If I don't like it, delete. If I do, buy.

      Agree completely. Without Installous I would have missed out on buying so many awesome apps, simply because I wasn't willing to fork out cash for an app before trying it out. I always buy the app if it ends up being good and I decide to keep it, as I want to support developers as much as possible.

      Agree with Installous completely! It was one of the primary reasons for JB'ing my iPhone, being able to test full app's first. The first app i installed with Installous was Pocket Weather, I had it a day before I deletes it, and purchased an App Store, then I purchased more of that developers apps too.

      I'm more likely to check out the developers website, their twitter, and a simple google search. If it's overall bad reports it's a pretty simple no for me.

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