Windows Phone 7 Desktop

Windows Phone 7 Desktop

Lifehacker reader Gvannoorden took his dual monitor setup and created a Windows Phone 7 theme. A theme that could easily clutter a desktop fits in nicely thanks to the dual displays, keeping the information in the middle and leaving plenty of empty space for the desktop.

Note: The entire desktop won’t fit on the screen, so be sure to check out the full screenshot here.

The docks were created with ObjectDock and RocketDock, both using the Token icon set. The wallpaper is called Colour and comes from Simple Desktops (it’s a personal favourite of mine). While it may not be the option Gvannoorden chose, Omnimo is a Windows Phone 7 theme for Rainmeter that should help you achieve this effect on your Windows PC.

Wph7 Desktop [Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr Group]


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