The Tidy Windows Phone 7 Desktop

The Tidy Windows Phone 7 Desktop

Back in March last year, we offered a detailed guide to giving your desktop a transformation in the style of Windows Phone 7. Lifehacker reader Scott did a great job with that approach, creating a functional interactive desktop with neatly-arranged components for his 27-inch display.

The design uses a bunch of Windows Phone 7-themed widgets and skins, as Scott details:

  • Clock – 10-foot HUD
  • WP7 Amazing
  • WP7 Twitter
  • WP7 Fruit Clock
  • WP7 Google Calendar
  • WP7 Mail
  • WP7 Media Player
  • WP7 Network
  • WP7 RAM
  • WP7 Processor
  • WP7 Office
  • WP7 RecyclingBin
  • WP7 Steam
  • WP7 Stocks
  • WP7 User
  • WP7 Weather
  • WP7 PanelCombo

Nice work Scott! If you’ve created your own great desktop, send details to tips at and you could see it featured here.

First Omnimo Theme [deviantART]


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