Three Monitors And Fireworks: A Cable-Free Workspace

Three Monitors And Fireworks: A Cable-Free Workspace

Today’s featured workspace belongs to Adrian Harrison, who put together a cable-free environment designed for day and night. It includes three monitors, plenty of desk space, and absolutely no clutter.


During the day, the workspace provides plenty of room to work — both on the digital and physical desktop — and at night LED lights make for an excellent gaming environment. The desk was created custom by Adrian’s father-in-law and features both a ventilated computer storage unit with cut-outs for USB ports and built-in shelf to hold the three monitors as well as house the LED lighting. Very nice work!

Adrian’s Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • Now is that really 3 monitors, or two monitors and a random laptop…?

    Chuck your iPhone on the desk too, and voila, you’ve got a 4 monitor setup!

    • could be using synergy, i used to run ‘3 screens’ in my home office, was was perminantly on the desktop, the middle could be switched and the laptop had its own screen.

      All 1 keyboard and mouse and i used it as one workstation as i could be doing something that would lockout nearly lock a machine and keep working.

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