Full Text RSS Feed Builder Rids You Of Truncated RSS Feeds Forever

We've shared one tool that turns expands truncated RSS feeds, but free service Full Text RSS Feed Builder does an even better job: Just plug in a feed and it will give you a new one containing each article's full text.

If you're tired of RSS feeds only showing you the first paragraph or two of an article, Full Text RSS Feed Builder will give you a new RSS feed showing the full articles. It'll even turn aggregators like Hacker News or Daring Fireball into regular feeds, showing the full text of the linked article instead of just the link they usually show. It's completely free, doesn't add any ads, and keeps you from ever having to leave your RSS reader. Hit the link to check it out.

Ful Text RSS Feed Builder


    Yay! Now I don't have to wait for Lifehacker Aust to get a full feed up and working which other gawker sites (eg IO9) already offer.

    Another option is to use Yahoo Pipes to get page content from mobile website version and add it into RSS.

    I've used that technique to replace links on RSS feed from standard site to its mobile version


    I tried FTRSSFB to get my Lifehacker AU and while it's been great having the full article text available, I've noticed that I'm missing a lot of the articles - it's dropped 35 of the last 86.

    I'm not sure if this is because of FTRSSFB or Google Reader but unfortunately it's back to truncated feeds for me.

    Consider this a warning for those who care more about having a complete feed than a complete article.

    nice review Whitson,
    another great alternative to this is: http://www.feedsapi.com which also supports JSONoutput

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