Mashup RSS Feeds With ChimpFeedr

Mashup RSS Feeds With ChimpFeedr

RSS feeds are handy not just for people who use feed readers such as Google Reader to keep up with their favourite sites, but also for bloggers who may wish to feature recent posts from other sites in a single widget. ChimpFeedr is a very basic webapp that can mashup RSS feeds for both uses.

It’s easy to create a mashup feed. Enter the address of each feed you want to add and then click ‘Chomp Chomp’. After a few seconds you’ll be given a link to your mashup feed which you can then enter in your preferred feed reader or feature on your page with a widget.

If you’d like to mash a few feeds like a chimp mashes bananas, check out the link below.

ChimpFeedr [via OneTipADay]


  • of all the RSS tools out there (a new one with a minor variation on the usual seems to appear every month) it astounds me that there are none with simple keyword filtering.

    Like email decades ago, RSS is great for staying in touch but there is copious junk involved as well. LifeHacker is a good example. Some of us don’t give a toss about every other minor little crApple tip or tidbit. Why can’t I filter that shit out?

    Please LifeHacker, if you know about any Firefox extension or other program that allows keyword filtering of RSS feeds, please help me hack junk ‘news’ articles out of my life! Oh and if you have Yahoo Pipes in mind, I dunno, that is quite messy to use in my experience and it would be better not to rely on a third-party site but a good old fashioned ( no ‘cloud’ hype for me ) desktop client powered program.

  • Liferea does rss pretty well for me. Has the option of adding rss directly or syncing with google reader, which helps a lot since I read articles on my nexus s a lot as well.
    I sometimes dont like the idea of the cloud, but for news reading, its too convenient to ignore imo.

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