Super Google Reader Converts All Partial RSS Feeds Into Full Feeds

Chrome: If you do most of your reading in Google Reader, you probably find truncated RSS feeds — that is, feeds that only give you the first paragraph of a post — annoying. Convert them all into full feeds with one simple Chrome extension.

We’ve featured a few services that convert truncated feeds into full ones, but they usually require you to plug in each truncated feed you follow and subscribe to a new, untruncated feed, separately. Super Google Reader makes it much easier: just install the extension and all your Google Reader feeds will show up as full ones. You don’t have to subscribe to a bunch of new feeds or worry about whether that service is going to die and leave you feedless.

The extension is pretty configurable, too. Once you install it, just head to Google Reader’s Settings page and go to the new “Super” tab. Under “Opening entries”, hit “Default to open all entries as readable content”. From then on, all your truncated feeds in Reader should show up as full feeds. You can even prefetch the full articles (so they load faster), try to prefetch images, or even show the article in its original form instead of a text-only, “readable format”. You can also set these settings on a feed-by-feed basis by going to the “Super settings” dropdown under a feed’s title in Reader’s left-hand pane.

Super Google Reader is a free download, works wherever Google Chrome does.

Super Google Reader [Google Chrome Extensions via Digital Inspiration]

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