Google Reader Inline Opens Articles Inside Of Google Reader

Google Reader Inline Opens Articles Inside Of Google Reader

Chrome: Most of us still use RSS regularly, but one potential annoyance is an RSS feed that truncates the article for the purpose of getting you to click the link and leave your RSS reader. Google Reader Inline is a Chrome Extension that lets you read the full article without leaving Google Reader to do it.

Google Reader Inline does what its name implies: it opens the full article in a pop-over viewer right there in Google Reader, so you can read the full text without opening a new tab or leaving your daily reading routine. It’s a win-win: you get to read the full article without having to open it in a new tab, even if it requires one more click, and the site owner with the truncated feed gets your visit. Some of you will say it’s not really a hassle to open an article in a new tab and read it that way, but if you like quickly scrolling through your feeds and don’t want to leave them just to see what was said “after the jump”, Google Reader Inline saves the day.

What do you think? Worth trying out, or do you have a different method for dealing with truncated feeds? Let us know in the comments below.

Google Reader Inline [Chrome Web Store]


  • Well that’s odd – Sites make the feed truncated so that they can give more value to their advertisers. In fact I vaguely remember one such news site stating that they couldn’t survive unless they drove readers to their site like this…

    It was either Gizmodo of LifeHacker – I forget which… Way to canabolize your own revenue (Or were you lying to us before…)

    (It was actually a discussion on constant site triggered refreshes – My memory of the argument was apparently they couldn’t survive unless the ads were viewed from their site and refreshed frequently .)

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