Amazon Android App Store Open For Business

News reports went up overnight that Amazon had opened its Android App Store. Amazon's store is an alternative Android marketplace that included an exclusive version of Angry Birds, apps and games from major developers, and a 30-minute "Test Drive" of any app in an online virtual Android rig.

Amazon is also using the algorithms and knowledge of its main store's recommendation engine to push you toward other apps you might like.

Update: Amazon's App Store was previously down, but appears to be back up.

You'll need an Amazon sign-in to try out and purchase apps. At the moment, Apple is suing Amazon over the "App Store" name, so it may change. In the meantime, tell us what you like about Amazon's Android alternative in the comments.

[via Gizmodo]


    hello, not available to everyone, eg Austrailan users are blocked

    @Paul: *cough*pirate bay*cough*

    So the World Wide Web is not exactly worldwide when the globally accessible Amazon App store restricts transactions to US residents only.

    And they wonder why their software gets pirated ... because we can't buy it!

    just call it

    Basically, everywhere bar the US is blocked.

    And suggesting piracy as an alternative to free apps is kinda dumb - nearly as dumb as Amazon launching this thing with no warning that it was US only.

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