Market Unlocker Makes Amazon Android Apps Available Everywher

Market Unlocker Makes Amazon Android Apps Available Everywher

Android (Rooted): Those of us outside the US know how difficult it can be to get hold of apps on sale in Amazon’s app store (or other US-only sites such as carrier stores). Market Unlocker is an Android app for rooted devices that makes your phone appear to the Android Market and to the Amazon App Store as a US-based Verizon Wireless phone, so you can browse, buy, and download apps to your heart’s content.

Market Unlocker is free, and available either directly from the app’s developer or — ironically — in the Android Market. Once installed, the app works a bit like a proxy, and what you can do with it depends on the version of the Android Market app you have on your device. For users with the latest version of the Market, you can enable proxy access to make your phone identify as a device in the country with the app store you’d like to access, or a US device if you want access to the Amazon App Store. Users with the older Market app can just unlock the country’s store they want to access. Users who want to get to the Amazon App Store should be aware that you’ll need a US-based Amazon account in order to purchase apps.

The big catch to Market Unlocker is that you’ll have to find your own proxy server to use it. If you want a list of suggested proxies or you want the app to connect for you, you’ll have to drop $0.99 for the Pro version.

Otherwise, the app works as advertised, and there are detailed instructions in the app description to make it work with your device. If you’ve tried Market Unlocker, let us know how it worked for you. If you have another favourite way to access international apps, share it in the comments below.

Market Unlocker [Android App Market via Market Unlocker]


  • Mmm, couldn’t get it to work for me with Amazon App Store. Still says not available in your region when I click on a free app (I’ve setup a random name etc.)

    • You don’t provide enough detail to determine what is going wrong, are you accessing it via a United States IP / proxy address? Have you purchased the pro edition and turned the proxy on? What other settings are you using? Are you using an Amazon account with a US address?

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