Vividwireless Says Multi-City Rollout Will Happen Real Soon Now

Pretty much a year ago, we reported that wireless broadband provider Vividwireless was planning to expand from its Perth-only operations to offer its service in other states. One year later, there are limited options for Sydney and Melbourne, but the company says services for Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra are imminent.

At a media briefing in Redfern today to demonstrate trials of high speed TD-LTE systems, Vividwireless CEO Martin Mercer said that services in those three cities would be launched "very shortly". Delays in making them happen have largely been due to flood-related testing issues, he said.

Hitting other states might make Vividwireless a better mobile broadband choice for travellers, though as the company doesn't currently offer metro-wide services, its usefulness will very much depend on where in those cities you're heading. If the TD-LTE systems are deployed, that coverage will increase, but there's no public timetable for that.

Right now, I can't help thinking that the existing 3G alternatives will suit more people better, despite the impressive speeds Vividwireless can, in theory, deliver. If you're a current Vividwireless user, we'd love to hear your experiences in the comments.


    LTE? if we were in american they could market this is 4G!!

      With awesome 3-6Mb speeds! hah! take that 3G and your puny 12Mb speed! No, wait…

        On a good day on 3 mobile broadband, I could probably get 7KB/s downloads, on Vivid I've managed 1.2MB/s on Steam. As a renter, it's the best I'm likely to get.

    i use vivid as my home internet provider and get speeds as good as or better than most of my mates on ADSL2... vivid has great speeds and is very reliable too.

    Vivid are a renters dream, you get to easily take your internet connection with you!

    I got in on their $70 a month unlimited downloads plan too, which makes for a lot of data downloaded!!!

    they are already marketing this under 4G :)

    IMO they would be better off expanding the coverage in the cities they are already operating in. I work for a consumer electronics retailer in Perth and while I sell a lot of Vivid devices, the number one reason customers opt for Telstra/Optus/Voda/Virgin is that Vivid's coverage in their area is 'patchy'.

    Speeds are shocking, can get cable at my apartment. Hello Telstra.

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