Optus To Buy Vividwireless, That Won’t Help Much

Optus To Buy Vividwireless, That Won’t Help Much

Optus is buying out mobile broadband provider Vividwireless, a move it says will enable it to build a “faster 4G network”. Based on my own experience of Vividwireless’ sub-optimal service, I suspect its money may have been better spent elsewhere.

Optus is paying $230 million for Vividwireless, which seems to me an awful lot of cash for a network which proved all but useless when I tested in the centres of Australia’s biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Optus’ key aim with the acquisition is 2.3GHz spectrum which Vividwireless owns, which Optus says it will use to build an LTE-TDD network alongside its existing 1800MHz LTE network which is due to launch in April. That additional spectrum might help Optus avoid speed hump issues, though it will need to improve delivery if it wants that to make any real difference.

The acquisition requires ACCC approval and there’s no immediate word on what will happen to existing customers. Once current customer contracts expire, I’d be surprised if the same deals are in place. If you’re an existing Vividwireless user, we’d love to hear your reaction in the comments.


  • Vivid is terrible, I now use my ViViFi as a backup connection to my 3g hotspot on my iphone.

    Seriously, $35 bucks a month and you can’t even get a Green signal on george street in the city, ANYWHERE at all in North Sydney or Pyrmont, unless you’re out the open and have zero buildings, trees, dust, air, light around you this thing will not work.

    And their customer service is a joke, I’ve had more help from those Indian ‘microsoft tech support’ scammers.

  • Optus have a much larger footprint than Vivid does, This purchase is only for spectrum so I would expect to see a much wider roll out of this once this acquisition is made.

  • Optus had better not screw Vivid up. I regularly get 10Mbps+ from my Vivid connection. Vivid is by far the best option for broadband, especially the unlimited plan.

    Don’t want to have to go back to crappy ADSL through a RIM (New fast rim and everything. 16kbps on a good day).

  • My experience has been quite the opposite with VW, but that said I reply on them at home so I have a hub. I would never use one of those truly wireless Vivify things (don’t we all have smart phones?), but the hub gives me a pretty solid connection.

    I live in an area that due to ageing cabling and lack of DSLAM allocation slots, can not get ADSL2+. ADSL 1 is simply not worth the cost for me when I can get unlimited Wimax for $80 a month. I pull about 1MB/s on usenet when I need to, and for general use (youtube, iview etc) it does an acceptable job (its slow sometimes, but generally pretty good).

    Coming from someone without many more options until I move to a shit outer suburb with better infrastructure (which ain’t gonna happen!), I have been nothing but impressed with VW. And their customer service for me has been second to none.

    Maybe the network is just better in Perth? Or maybe the Vivify unit is the problem. I have just moved into a wicked new house in the same area, so I will not be moving again soon if I can help it. I hope this doesn’t change the service VW provide to existing customers in anyway.

  • The Vividwireless services available now in limited coverage (except in Perth, which has full coverage) use WiMAX. Optus will be rolling out an LTE-TDD service. The spectrum they have obtained and the use of the TDD variant of LTE will ensure better download speeds than Telstra will be able to offer for some time.

    Bring it on!

  • im in perth southern suburbs by the freeway. i have a home vivid wireless tower and in the begining it was awesome. i would regualy do speed test to see what i was getting and it was good around 12mbs/down 4.5/up 80ms ping (acceptable) to even game on fps. but to be honest since about the time of the optus aquisition things have been going downhill fast. as of today i type this my connection looks like this [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2nc2wb8.jpg[/IMG] . hardly the service im supposed to be paying for. i suspect it is due to more and more people getting the service in my area and taxing the tower hard. its more noticeable in the peak times evenings etc. we are on a rim also which is the slowest internet i have ever experienced. i honestly would not have built my house here three years ago in a new estate had i known it would be this bad for this long. i was originally with iinet and they couldn’t help me go any faster so i ditched them for vivid for the interim. as soon as nbn becomes avalable i will go back to them as im a gamer. but there is hope soon as there is avalable nbn service about six blocks from here which will hopefully expand in the not to distant future to my place. just hope it makes it to me before coalition gets in and messes it all up and i get stuck on the rim forever. if that happens goodbye dream house 🙁 ill have to move.

  • just did another test strait after writing comment and got this[IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2vl4kqq.jpg[/IMG] this is how unstable my service is now. so not fun for me.

  • I live in Perth and pay vivid $79 for unlimited. No point having unlimited as with vivid speed an email takes about an hour to down load. Vivid sucks and this is the last month with them. Dial up was quicker

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