Vividwireless To Offer Services Across Australia

Vividwireless To Offer Services Across Australia

When Channel Seven announced plans to build a wireless network in Perth, we were sceptical of the relevance of a single-city service. Obviously Seven’s shareholders were too, as the company has now outlined plans to operate the Vividwireless service in five other capital cities — albeit on a fairly limited basis.

Ry Crozier at iTNews reports that the network (which is due to go live in Perth in March) will be operational in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra within a year. However, the initial sites will not cover large areas, focusing instead on high-density locations such as universities. And while Seven is promising large download caps (and will be pursuing data users rather than phone customers), it hasn’t revealed any actual pricing. Still, it makes the proposition rather more interesting than it has been in the past.

Vividwireless reveals five-city expansion plans [iTNews]


  • And actually, this makes plenty of sense. People who allegedly download TV programs off the net constantly say that TV stations “don’t get it”, are “behind the times” with “outmoded delivery systems”. Part of the problem is that TV stations don’t control the lines of supply where downloaders are getting their material. Had they started investing in internet provision in the early 1990’s they would be in a better situation now to control these lines of supply and begin to innovate in delivery of programs.

    Vividwireless is probably the late step in this direction for TV networks. Imagine then Nine investing in Telstra and Ten in Optus. The platform would be there then for a more friendly provision of TV shows, financed in part by ads, and in part by internet subscription.

    Of course some people may see this as a nightmare.

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