Use Shift-F3 To Remove All Caps In Word

It's been a long-standing feature but apparently many people don't realise: if you've got a block of text in Word that's all caps, you can use Shift-F3 to cycle between all caps, all lowercase and all initial caps.You can also access caps-changing features using the Change Case button on the ribbon in Word 2007 and Word 2010, but the Shift-F3 version works at least as far back as Word 95. I mentioned this in passing in response to a Gizmodo query the other day and got a frankly ecstatic response, so I figure it's worth sharing with anyone who hasn't already encountered it.


    Consider me in the ecstatic group...

      Likewise--a pet peeve that I do a lot (bumping the all caps key and then not looking up for three lines--sloppy typist!) Anyone knows if it works in e-mails? I suppose it depends on the browser--we tend to use Mozilla.

    Me too!

    Thanks :)

    You can also do CTRL-Shift-A to toggle All-Caps on and off. At least you used to be able to, but I haven't got Word 2007/2010.

      The all caps feature to which you refer applies a formatting code. The Shift+F3 shortcut changes the physical text in the document.

    Thanks for that. I was shown this trick years ago and have been trying unsuccessfully to remember it since then!

    Nice one..

    awesome! THANK YOU!!

    I love this one. But it doesn't work in some docs. Any idea why this might be so?

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