Today’s Hulu Rumour: Ten Might Be In As Well

Today’s Hulu Rumour: Ten Might Be In As Well

We still haven’t had a definitive answer on whether Channel Nine will spearhead a Hulu launch down under, and now the waters are getting murkier, with Ad News reporting that Ten might also take part in a local service.

Paul McIntyre quotes unnamed sources as saying that Ten might join Nine in the deal, but also floats the possibility that Freeview might launch a multi-channel online catchup service. Until there’s an actual site to check out, the rumours are likely to become even more outlandish, so file this under “interesting but who knows?” for now.

While having multiple channels involved in Hulu Australia would be an improvement on a single-channel offering, it wouldn’t necessarily give a huge range of programming. Ten’s most prominent US partner is CBS (the two companies formed Eleven as a joint venture), and CBS isn’t part of Hulu in the US. Thanks Anthony for the spot!

Ten and Nine set to join Hulu [AdNews]

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