Ten Announces Plans For Channel Eleven

The rollout of extra free-to-air digital channels is speeding up. Last week we had Seven announcing Mate, and now Ten has revealed its plans for Eleven, a youth-oriented channel that will appear in early 2011.

Mumbrella has the announcement details, which include a content-sharing deal with CBS in the US and a plan to shift broadcasts of The Simpsons, one of Ten's ratings staples, to Eleven. The channel will occupy the slot currently used by the standard-definition version of One, meaning that sports addicts will continue to get HD versions of their favourite pursuits.

Does that sound like a more appealing strategy than Mate? Do we still need more emphasis on HD channels? Tell us in the comments.

Ten reveals new digital channel Eleven as JV with CBS Studios [Mumbrella]


    So effectively we're getting "The Simpsons Channel". I guess it had to happen!

    I love more channels.

    Although, my Dad will be pissed when he finds out he's no longer going to get One on his SD STB.

    Channel ten is finally making use of this "freebee" from the government and all they can come up with is re-runs of the simpsons. Great work!

    How about auctioning off the spectrum to people who will actually use it?

    A Simpsons channel would probably be the best channel on tv...

    I would be keen for adding a channel that has something on other than infomercials late at night.

    Ten shouldnt use that the SD channel for One for the new channel, they already took away Ten HD for One HD, why not take one of the two One HD channels instead? unless of course they already have plans

    GO! is seriously one of the best channels around.

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