Hulu Australia Rumours Continue To Swirl

Hulu Australia Rumours Continue To Swirl

Speculation about a potential partnership between Hulu and Channel Nine kicked off last year when The Australian reported that a joint venture between the two was under consideration. A report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald essentially acts like that’s a done deal, but doesn’t really bring any new information to the table.

Julian Lee’s report focuses on what the rest of the Freeview consortium will do following “Nine’s decision to go it alone and strike a deal with the US online portal Hulu”, but doesn’t actually offer any details about that apparent deal. Given that Freeview’s main emphasis so far has been on promoting broadcast free-to-air television (albeit often in a very klutzy fashion) and its own EPG, Hulu won’t necessarily make a difference. It might act as an alternative to a Freeview-branded online catchup site, but there’s been no evidence yet that Nine would want to bring other networks into the fold.

As Lifehacker reader Anthony has pointed out elsewhere in our comments, Hulu has said it is actively exploring international deals, but hasn’t offered any concrete details in that forum either. A single-network version of Hulu is frankly no different to offering a channel-branded catch-up service, so it will be interesting to see how this evolves. If you’re not across the ins and outs of Hulu, we covered them in some depth recently. Thanks Anthony for the spot!

Freeview says industry-wide catch-up service not dead yet [SMH]


  • There is a difference between a single channel Hulu offering and a normal catch up site – the user experience.

    Most Australian catch up sites are useless to me because I can’t use them properly on my TV. iView and 7 might be available on my PS3, but they’re so horribly implemented I don’t bother with them.

    Hulu, on the other hand, has developed (from what I have read) great implementations not only on web but on platforms like the PS3 and iOS devices, and are constantly expanding. If Channel 9 can leverage those, I’d use their service, unlike everyone else’s.

  • Agree that a single channel version achieves little on it’s own. But it WILL be great in terms of device support for things like WD TV and ATV2 and Roku etc…

    These devices (an others that come along) will all have out-of-the-box support for the checkbox streaming services like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon etc…

    Whereas they will not have explicit support for whatever Ch9 does, and what Ch7 does etc…

  • Thank god Im not holding my breath. The TV networks backward attitude towards anything that isnt on tv (and thus advertising) will be fought until the cows come home. And if only one channel will back it means a completely neutered experience. Look at channel 10s pathetic catch up service, Instead of just playing the show (with ads) you have to playlist “chapters” of the single show to watch an entire episode. I dont mind having to watch ads but serieously.
    Even ABC is getting a bit stale. Way too many kids shows on.

  • Unless they bring the full hulu experience, this is going to be pointless. When they start allowing over seas viewers to pay for a hulu+ account(or allow people to pay for it using paypal) is when I will start paying attention.

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