Splashtop Quick-Boot OS Available For Anyone (To Try, At Least)

Splashtop Quick-Boot OS Available For Anyone (To Try, At Least)

Windows: Splashtop, the fast-booting OS that gets you onto Wi-Fi and into Chromium ASAP, has a new beta release out that, while only designed to run on certain HP systems, can be installed by any Windows user and chosen at boot-up time.So, that’s the deal: Splashtop is still mostly a pre-installed system chosen by PC manufacturers, but if you happen to have the right hardware combination, you can boot it up yourself and get a kind of Chrome OS experience, without having to buy separate hardware (or rely on Google’s good graces).

Splashtop installs through Windows, and requires about a 350MB space to run.

Splashtop OS


  • I tried it when I got my DV6 (recent deal at office Max) but after installing a SSD, windows is ready in a few more seconds anyway.
    The problem I find with an “instant on” environment is that your restricted in what you can do. Then if you need to switch to windows, you need to close off everything your doing to go into windows and then start again. If there was a save state option and then once into windows again you can restore your state it would be much more use full.

    Better yet, an instant on hypervisor environment (ESXi) would be better, then you can have your OS load in the back ground and then just switch to it when your ready.

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