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Chromium OS, the open source build of Google's upcoming web-focused netbook system, was made into a thumb-drive-friendly build early on by a helpful hacker named Hexxeh. His latest build, ChromiumOS Zero, adds Chrome extension support, speed boosts, and other goodies.


Google offered up everything but a finished Chrome OS today, releasing its source code and explaining how it's different from other operating systems. Here are the features, functions and screenshots you'll want to know about.


Windows/Mac/Linux: The official, actually-made-by-Google Chrome OS won't hit netbooks until late 2010, but you can try out a custom-built Linux distribution that's somewhat stripped down and puts Google's browser at the centre of everything.


It's the step everyone thought was inevitable -- Google is building a Chrome OS for use on netbooks. Is this a Windows killer, an Android killer, or a distraction that's doomed to failure?