Seven More Easy Ways To Integrate Your Google Apps

Seven More Easy Ways To Integrate Your Google Apps

Google’s productivity apps — like Gmail, Google Maps, Calendar, Docs and so on — can play so well together, once you’ve ticked the right checkboxes. We’ve previously shown you seven ways to integrate your Google apps; now we’re adding another seven clever tricks to the fold that make managing your web-based life much easier.

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Preview Google Docs, Maps, YouTube, Picasa and Flickr in Gmail Messages

this Labs search

Get Birthday Reminders from Google Calendar

updating and cleaning out your Google ContactsThanks for the tip, timepiece!

Copy from Docs or Chrome on One Computer, Paste to Another

Chrome extension

Search Google Docs and Gmail Messages at Once

enable Apps Search in your mail Labs

Send Reader Items to Gmail, Calendar or Elsewhere

easy Reader Send-To tweaks

Push Every Ping You Get Through Gmail

Send Email from Other Domains Using Your Gmail Inbox

send email from other accountsauthenticating your outgoing mail with a Google Apps account

Google’s always releasing neat little in-between and mash-up tools, so we very well could have missed a few. Tell us about your favourite Google all-together fix in the comments.

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