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Google Docs, Sheets and Slides have been given a significant update with collaboration features the centrepiece of the update. The updates include improved versioning tools, the ability to quickly preview a clean version of a document, accepting or rejecting all edits in one go, and an option where Google can suggest document changes.


Internet censorship rules mean that accessing Google services when travelling in China can be something of a hit-and-miss affair. One tactic that can help, especially if you're using Google Apps for Business? Access those services on your mobile rather than a notebook or desktop machine.


Ouch. Google Apps has ditched its free version, meaning anyone who wants to use the business version of Google's mail, calendar and office suite will now have to pay $US50 a year per user for the privilege.


One big advantage of using Google Apps is that you can take advantage of Gmail and Google Drive while keeping your own company domain for email. Google has expanded the range of domains it offers for new sign-ups to include 22 new country-specific options. Unfortunately, Australia isn't on the list.