Google Docs Brings Enhanced Experience To Android Tablets

Google Docs on your Honeycomb-based Android tablet just got a little better. Google added a three-pane view (much like the Gmail app) for better browsing and autocomplete of names/email address when sharing documents with others.

Although a fairly minor update, the changes should make using Google Docs on your tablet quite a bit easier as you'll have quicker access to pretty much everything. For all the details, hit up the full post on the Google Mobile Blog.

An enhanced Google Docs experience on Android tablets [Google Mobile Blog]


    Pity the offline access is limited. No network means no docs. Google needs to make something like Syncdocs on the PC to store docs in the tablet for when I'm offline.

    I updated this morning but can't get my keyboard to show up to type anything (using Iconia A500 tab with Dolphin for tab).


      Not to sound rude, but did you click the Edit button in the top right corner? I've got the same setup and that was all I had to do for the keyboard to show up. Hope it works, but I still wish Google would update it to work like Gmail inside the app. Once it does, no need for apps like Evernote (as good as that is).

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