Keep Your Kitchen Sponges Dry And Grime-Free With Binder Clips

You didn't think we could resist another great binder clip hack, did you? Reddit user churnopol shows us how to keep those sponges from getting mildewy in the kitchen.

If you leave your kitchen sponges flat on the counter, you may notice they can get pretty gross — mostly because they won't dry as quickly. The solution? Stand it up on a binder clip. It'll air dry much quicker and your sponge will last longer. Just one more reason to have a big bag of these things lying around.

The simplest DIY I ever did. So proud of myself. Why didn't I think of this years ago? [Reddit via @paix120]


    ...Or just sit it on your drying rack so the air can circulate underneath it easily...

    Kool! Good idea!

    Probably the best & most cost-cutting way I've used binder clips is using them as a laptop stand.. I use two mini binder clips & just lay them down in line with the back of my laptop & then just lift the laptop up & put it on top of them. This gives the laptop an inclination & about an inch clearance at the back. If you need more clearance, then use bigger clips. Saves buying something off ebay & my laptop doesn't get so damn hot. Try it!!

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