Mount A Binder Clip In Drawers To Hold Towels

The kitchen drawer is a great place to hang your towels, but every time you open the drawer, the towel falls to the ground. Instructables user noahw solves this annoyance with our favourite office supply: the binder clip.

The mounting is pretty easy. If you don't already have a screw going through your kitchen drawer from a handle, you can drill a small hole and mount the binder clip with a washer and a screw. From there, clip the towel into the binder clip and you're done. It might be overdoing it as a fix for nothing more than an annoyance, but it's a clever solution nonetheless.

Dish Towel Drawer Holder [Instructables]


    Or... just hand the teatowel over the knob or through the handle? I've never seen anyone hang a teatowel on a drawer by wedging it in the top.

      *hang, even.

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