Keep Sponges From Getting Grimy With A Pair Of Scissors

When you put a wet sponge on the surface of your sink, the bottom side doesn't always dry quickly, and it can get pretty nasty after awhile. This simple trick lets your sponge drip-dry and stay clean.

We've shown you one way to keep your sponges dry with binder clips, but if you don't have any of the miracle office supplies around, you can make sure the entire sponge dries by cutting a whole in the centre. After seeing Robert Audroué's circular sponge, I wanted to figure out a way to create the same effect myself — and it turns out it's just as easy as it looks. Cut a hole slightly smaller than your tap's handle in the middle of the sponge, then just slip it on.

Robert Audroué [via Wired]


    a whole hole?

      Try to cut half a hole.

    Of course, you can buy pre-holed sponges from the same shop you get these ones at. Look along the shelf a bit, they're right there.

    You shouldn't be using sponges in the first place! They're chock full of bacteria, no matter how hot the water and soap you use they will still have it! Plenty of people have gotten ill because of them. You should use a scrubbing brush, of some type and thoroughly rinse it after use...

      actually, letting them dry out makes them safe.. bacteria needs heat and water to grow. dry it out and it all dies.. stop being over paranoid and go take the cotton wool off your kids..

        There have been many warnings about using sponges for cleaning dishes! Many forms of bacteria do not die when dried, and remain very dangerous! Check your facts before making stupid and ridiculous comments. Why do you think you need to clean eating surfaces in the first place! If you want to use sponges that's your problem, but the facts stand... Don't do it!

          sorry but you making stupid over reactive comments here ecky.
          The risk is very low.

          Don't be sooooooo over the top

            "I've told you a million times: do not exaggerate!" -Rik

              AS for you, the facts are not an exaggeration!

            I don't see anything stupid or over reactive about the facts! What 'Ads' said was bullshit and ridiculous, and being called stupid by you isn't going to change the facts or my temperament! I'm getting really sick of being told that I'm wrong and then stupid, when in fact I am right! It's happened a few times now, and I was right each time, on other occasions when I was wrong, I stood up and owned it! and if necessary I apologised, something most of you people seem to be unable to do! So keep your opinion to your self, unless you have something that will change the facts!

              "So keep your opinion to your self, unless you have something that will change the facts!" - Yes, because a comments section is certainly no place to express an opinion.

                Yes lets conveniently disregard the facts because every comment is 100% correct! Idiot!

                  It's a comments section, Ecky. The point of having a comments section is to allow people to express their opinions. Those opinions might not always align with facts, but it is perfectly valid for them to be expressed in such a forum. It's one of the cool things about the internet (and democracy in general). Besides, the plurality of divergent views is fundamental to locating and identifying facts in the first place. Thanks for the abuse, by the way.

    I often wet the sponge and stick it in the microwave (2 min) before/after use. That boils it killing any nasties that may be lurking.

      Actually, that's a bloody good idea! Just make sure it's microwave safe first! I'm assuming you sell them eh? #]

        I do this every so often, though it can stink out the kitchen a bit.

    I use kitchen flannels, that way you can throw them in the wash with bathmats and rags every so often

    I use chux like cloths.Buy them in a roll and chuck one after a few days.May try the microwave trick though.

    Or attach a clothes peg on a string over the sink. Hang the sponge off the peg when it's not in use and it will dry out well.
    I don't see how putting a hole in a sponge would help much. The sponge in the picture is clearly quite dry, otherwise it wouldn't be standing up like that. When it is wet, it would be sagging over and not drying on the base in much the same way as if it was just draped over the tap. Also, having a hole in the sponge will surely make it fall apart faster.

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