It's Official: Lifehacker Readers Like Watches

Being organised is a major part of the Lifehacker mantra, so it should come as no surprise that wearing a watch all the time proved the most popular choice in our recent poll about time-keeping habits. Just under half the respondents opted for "I have one on every waking hour, and I feel nervous when I don't".

That said, the next most popular choice was "I think a watch is a complete waste of time — I've got a phone, after all". But it does seem that watches aren't going to disappear off our agendas (or wrists) just yet.


    I like not having to pull out my expensive phone in the middle of a crowd.

    Pull out my expensive watch instead!

      Women have jewellery. Men have watches.
      I've got 2 watches that I wear, both given to me to mark occasions in my life.
      One is just a relatively simple Seiko but it was given to me by my parents on my 21st. My father still has the watch (coincidentally also a Seiko) that his now deceased parents gave him on his 21st and it holds great sentimental value to him. I hope to have the same history with mine.
      The other is a Tag my wife gave to me for my 30th, the first birthday since we'd been married.

        Could not agree more... watches are similar to a sentimental piece of jewelery that can be handed down or it can be something really cutting edge and fascinate those that can appreciate whats on your wrist... i have some that will be passed on and some that are just crazy and i love them all.

      Also, my watch isn't really expensive. Casio, booyah!

    I love my Tag Heuer! :)

      I think you have to refer to it as simply a "Tag", otherwise you might get kicked out of the cool club.

      I haven't worn a watch in years, but I had already gone through a couple of mobile phones by the time I gave up on watches. I don't know what took me so long.


    I agree. Watches are mens jewelery. I have a Tag F1, and am hoping to get a more expensive dress watch in a couple of years when I can afford it. A phone isn't a substitute for me!

    I love watches especially replica's. Some of the reps i've picked up from SE Asia look 99% like the real thing at a fraction of the price. Since I cant afford the real one, the chinese versions are the next best thing.

      Iam partial to Panerai's, ive got a Paneria Ferrari California, and a Titanium PAM 082. My next purchase will be something different a Audemars Piguet : Terminator 3 model.

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