Is A Watch An Essential Organisational Tool?

My watch battery ran out earlier this week, leaving me watch-free until I could get it replaced that lunchtime, and those few hours almost drove me crazy. Watches are increasingly unfashionable as people rely on their mobiles, but do they still have a place in your life?

For me, the clock on a mobile is not a good substitute — I can glance at my watch without disrupting what I’m doing, but with my phone I have to pull it out. If I’m working on the phone in transit, the clock also isn’t visible. I’d further argue that having good time awareness is a pre-requisite for good organisation, especially if you tend to spend too long (or not long enough) on some activities, and that a watch helps with that process.

But that’s just me, and I don’t have to look too far to see that wearing a watch is far from universal. So let’s see what everybody thinks:

Feel free to expand on your watch addiction, or complete disdain for timepieces, in the comments.

Picture by Garry Knight

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