Is A Watch An Essential Organisational Tool?

Is A Watch An Essential Organisational Tool?

My watch battery ran out earlier this week, leaving me watch-free until I could get it replaced that lunchtime, and those few hours almost drove me crazy. Watches are increasingly unfashionable as people rely on their mobiles, but do they still have a place in your life?

For me, the clock on a mobile is not a good substitute — I can glance at my watch without disrupting what I’m doing, but with my phone I have to pull it out. If I’m working on the phone in transit, the clock also isn’t visible. I’d further argue that having good time awareness is a pre-requisite for good organisation, especially if you tend to spend too long (or not long enough) on some activities, and that a watch helps with that process.

But that’s just me, and I don’t have to look too far to see that wearing a watch is far from universal. So let’s see what everybody thinks:

Feel free to expand on your watch addiction, or complete disdain for timepieces, in the comments.

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    • I answered “I have one on every waking hour, and I feel nervous when I don’t” and it’s true, but I always stop people and ask the time, if they notice my watch I show them it’s an antique and it needs to be set often; it really is a conversation starter…

  • Proud watch wearer here, and have gotten into arguments with friends many times over phone vs watch. I agree with pretty much everything Angus said up the top there.

  • I like to wear a watch but due to the combination of me bring a combination of tall, lean and the owner of thick wrists due to an obsession with rock climbing it’s really hard to find a watch that I can wear with a business shirt because they no longer fit under the sleeves.

    Watches are unfortunately a weekend only affair.

  • where’s the ‘I’ve got a watch, but its battery’s dead at the moment; and without my watch I’m too disorganised to get the battery replaced’ category on the poll?

    that’s my current situation…

    may be I should start asking people like Elly

  • I feel naked without a watch. Which is why I have no issues being around the house without on one but heading out the front door without it feels just plain wrong.

  • I only ever wear a watch if I’m surfing [before work]. It also has a handy thermometer. Otherwise, anything around my wrist becomes uncomfortable and annoying as the day goes on.

  • I wore a watch for over 30 years but gave it up a couple of years ago. Partly because of the tan mark 🙂 but mostly because I was sick of it switching time-zones or something else that was really hard to do intentionally. I had to keep copies of the relevant manual pages around to remind me of the complicated procedure to get it back to a useful state.

    I do miss having it, as a phone is not as handy for that quick glance at the dial.

  • Didn’t wear a watch for years until I found an old family manual winder from the 1950s with a reliable swiss movemment and had it serviced.

    Now I wear it (or a couple of other eBay finds) every day. Dead accurate. The satisfying tick of swiss precision and, come the Zombie Apocalypse, I won’t need to go scrounging for batteries.

  • My watch completes fact all of my watches do.I love my seiko kinetic perpetual because it also keeps track of the months and years, unlike most other kinetic analog watches.only 1000 bucks so not too much money.will never go flat either…

  • Wait, the poll is missing something!

    Analogue or digital? 😛
    As much as I like the idea of a mechanical watch, I still go with the digital for the extra functions and such. This one even stores phone numbers in it, for some reason or other.

  • I stopped wearing a watch in about 2004. I have a very nice watch I got for my birthday a few years ago, but so far it’s only come out for a few formal occasions.

    I work in IT. For the hours of a day I’m not able to glance at a screen, I have a couple of phones near me. Phones and computers handle things like daylight savings, changing timezones, and synchronising with time servers far better than traditional watches do, and I haven’t even bothered to do things like ‘set the microwave to the right time’ for years.

  • I’ve been wearing my watch for 10 years, since later in my primary school years. It’s become essential for university, with the public transport and all. It’s also much more practical compared to trying to reach for your phone in your pocket which happens to create extra friction.

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