Current Crop Of Tablets: iPad, Motorola Xoom, Others Compared

Current Crop Of Tablets: iPad, Motorola Xoom, Others Compared

Now that we’ve seen whats coming for Android tablets, the battle is on — we even think they’re better than the iPad. If you want a more detailed breakdown, though, here’s a comparison between the iPad, Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak and BlackBerry Playbook.

We love us some infographics here at Lifehacker, and now that the tech community is going tablet crazy with the announcement of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, tech website Skatter Tech has created a nice chart to highlight the differences between some of the most popular tablets coming out, from their size and weight to the apps and plugins their software allows. Check out the full infographic below, and hit the link for more information.

Image [Skattter Tech]


  • So we’re comparing products that aren’t availabe yet with something that’s been out for nearly a year? Well that seems fair doesn’t it?

    Seeing as we comparing vapourware, how about comparing it to the iPad 2 which should be out soon; we think we know most of the specs don’t we?

    There’s a bit of a question about the Playbook. You need to link it to your Blackberry phone don’t you? So does the connectivity stuff still hold up? And what about the battery life, would you bet your life that this is true?

    The Dell Streak 7; this is using the Android phone software (2.2) and not the tablet software. It’s been getting some pretty crappy reviews.

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