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Google has been synonymous with search for years, and Bing -- poor Bing -- quickly became synonymous with sarcasm about why anyone would ever use Bing. Believe it or not, though, the two search engines aren't as different as the jokes would have you believe.


I'm currently in the process of creating my first website. The website will focus on tourism in Australia and compare companies that offer similar products. Am I breaking any laws by writing about these companies? For example, if three different tour companies are offering wine tours in the same region, can I write about the prices, the wineries each company visits, the length of the tour and any other information I consider relevant? I intend to write the comparisons in a non-biased manner and will link directly to each company's website.


Figuring out the best time to buy something requires constant watching over ever-fluctuating online prices, and some knowledge of how prices have changed in the past. Luckily, you don't have to figure it all out yourself -- there are great tools to help you do it. This week we're looking at five of the best.


Hey Lifehacker, We're getting married soon, and are in the process of trying to find a photographer. Part of the problem is that we're overseas at the moment, which means we're restricted to communicating with photographers online. Are quote comparison sites like serviceseeking.com.au and photoportal.com.au worth the time? They sound convenient, but I don't want to pay for something that doesn't deliver results!


If someone tells you that you can save 16 per cent off your electricity bill, you'd almost certainly be tempted. But don't let laziness make you sign on the dotted line just because you hear that figure. It's almost impossible to make blanket claims about power prices, and the only way to be sure is to do the hard work on the calculation yourself.


iOS/Android: Need to grab some alcohol for a weekend party and aren't sure who has the best specials? DealsToDrink tracks deals from bottle shops and shows where there are outlets nearby if you're in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.


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Yahoo! Clues is a new service from search provider Yahoo! that turns any search query into an infographic packed with data about the popularity of the trending topic, gender of people interested in it and more.