iFixit Ranks The Best And Worst Tablets For DIY Repair

You spend a lot of money on your tech, so you should be able to make it last without spending a fortune. Sadly, some gadgets are more DIY-friendly than others. iFixit breaks down the current crop of tablets, and what they find isn't pretty.

The iPad and Surface Pro hit the very bottom of the barrel, with hard-to-remove batteries and a high chance of breaking the device during disassembly. The Surface RT and Nexus 10 aren't quite as bad, but still sit towards the bottom of the list.

The best tablets for DIY repair, on the other hand, include the Dell XPS 10, the Galaxy Tab 2 and Motorola Xoom. Check out the full list at iFixit for more details on each device. And, as always, consider this just one factor of many in your decision to buy.

Tablet Repairability [iFixit via Wired]


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