Optus Offers Android, iPhone Apps For Australian Open Viewing

Fancy watching some of the Australian Open on the go? Optus is offering its customers free streaming of Channel Seven's match coverage on Android and iPhone devices — and those customers can even access the service via Wi-Fi once they've got the app.

The iPhone app runs on 4.0 devices, while supported Android phones unsurprisingly include most of the models Optus has sold over the years. Optus customers not using those phones can access the streaming service via the Optus Zoo portal site. Dedicated tennis fans will doubtless also want the official Australian Open apps for a full range of tennis geek tech goodness, but the live streaming is definitely handy if you don't have access to a television.



    This isn't going to help with optus's poor network perfomance.

    Appears it's Optus only...
    The Optus App-store wont send the installer to my Virgin Galaxy S.

      Yep. That's why I wrote "Optus is offering its customers" in the story.

        Last year Optus MVNO's were also included... (at least according to Whirlpool they were, I didn't have a compatible handsetlast year)

    Chin up mate

    Video won't even load on my iphone 4. Optus, as usual, over-promising and under-delivering.

    Anyone know where i can get the apk file ?
    I've got a Htc desire HD but its not on the compatible list

    I installed this yesterday but couldn't get the video to work. My nexus one tells me the video format is not supported :-/

      It's an RTMP stream apparently.. Perhaps the Realplayer Beta on the market might fix that for you?

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