Samsung Galaxy S Finally Gets Froyo Update From Optus

If the comments being posted by readers are any guide, Optus has finally released the long-awaited Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S. That fits within the "weeks" promise it originally made, though we're still hoping against sense that Android updating will get less painful in the future.


    I got mine a long time ago from the XDA forums. It doesn't come with any Optus crap (like the "Games" application that takes you to Optus Zoo) so I don't see much of a need to switch ;)

      Yay, so happy for you. Were you told that doing that would void your warranty? No? Oh, that's a shame. At least, it will be if you have a hardware issue at some point in the first year. Fail.

        Wow, fail for you. You do realise that a ROM is software, so flashing back to an official ROM is just as easy as putting on an unofficial ROM, so if they do get any hardware failures, just flash an official ROM and send it in. Problem solved.

        haha, i have a mate who works for a repair place that samsung use and the first thing they do is try to flash it with a stable rom, if that dont get it going they then look in to hardware

          I just had both Optus and Samsung on george street in Sydney CBD tell me that as my phone is rooted they will not fix it without a charge as I have voided my warranty.
          The phone has been otherwise reset, and sent to optus repair, who returned it, samsung I asked but didn't bother sending it in if they'll just bounce it back as the rep there stated they would just return it.
          (The problem is the sim card is no longer being detected. The phone otherwise works fine)
          Is there anything more concrete on the legality of this (particularly in Australia)?

        LOL! The only thing fail is your comment buddy!

        Thanks Samsung Mobile Support. I have another question to ask. How do I remove TouchWiz? Looks like someone at your end forgot to put in an "uninstall" button. Besides, I've already cracked the screen on my phone, but I'll still get it repaired. Neer!

        The funny thing is, that by unofficially upgrading, you're actually *less* likely to permanently brick your phone due to a bad flash once you fix the defective bootloader. Not to mention having to deal with Kies, or the MTC bug that requires you to remove your SD card to actually connect your phone to it...

        Instructions aren't exactly clear, but the mod process was incredibly easy the second time around on the wife's phone. Fix SBL with Odin. Upgrade to ClockworkMod Recovery. Fix /system (may not be necessary with virgin phone, but did to be certain). Install ROM. Install Swype. Done.

        Future upgrades are trivial, and no longer tied to Samsungs "promises". SO glad I took the plunge and just did it.

    Can't wait to upgrade.

    Any word on 3/Vodafone? Been keeping an eye out on Kies & calling Inda but no one has a clue right now.

      Waiting on Voda too.. :/ gah!

    *Taps foot waiting for Telstra*

    I've been checking kies sporadically all day, and no luck on my end, using virgin mobile.

    where can i get the update? I have a mac. Thinking maybe all this would have been easier with an i phone

      If your attitude is 'I want everything watered down and easy to do' maybe a Mac and iphone is right for you.

    A guy at my work has an S and he shames android! he cries everyday that optus are taking so long to update to froyo. I tell him to just root. He says he will root after official update and meanwhile won't even install regular apps like angry birds!

    I will pass this on and if he doesn't make use of that android phone after that expect to see me on the news cos I will kill that son of a!!

    Urgh, it's been horrible.

    Since upgrading to Windows 7 (64 bit) I can't get my phone to connect to Keis. Spent a good few hours looking for solutions online, but I can't get it :(

    Try looking for a little application called SearchFilesForKies. I found that you need to remove any files that have excessively long file extensions (this is what the app looks for). Major culprit for me was Borders book covers.

    Once removed it was a doddle to connect to 64-bit Windows 7.

    I went onto Kies today to upgrade firmware and noo update???? Am I missing something I clicked on the upgrade firmware down the bottom and no upgrade?

    I emailed Virgin support and asked when I would be getting the Froyo 2.2 update for my Galaxy S. This is the pathetic reply I received today, basically it isn't even an answer:

    Thanks for your email.

    We do not have any updates if Virgin Mobile will release the Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S. You may though head to the manufacturer's website, or check with the software manufacturer.

    Thank you for your patience.

    If you have any further questions, just let us know - we’re here to help.

      I got the following:

      "Thanks for your email.

      I regret to inform you that we were not informed yet about Froyo. We recommend that you check out the Virgin Mobile website at for any updates about this software.

      Thanks for your understanding.

      If you have any further questions, just let us know - we’re here to help.


      Jee, thanks Gary - you think I haven't tried that!? What the!? This isn't even an answer either... Cmon Virgin >:( Pull Finger.

        For all Virgin Mobile customers, feel free to read an email thread I've had with Virgin Mobile regarding Froyo 2.2 update. It's a load of crap!


        Hi there, Optus has released the Froyo 2.2 Update for Samsung Galaxy S. When will I be receiving a Froyo Update for my Galaxy S on Virgin.


        Thanks for your email.

        We do not have any updates if Virgin Mobile will release the Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S. You may though head to the manufacturer's website, or check with the software manufacturer.

        Thank you for your patience.

        If you have any further questions, just let us know - we’re here to help.


        What kind of non-response was that. I am not satisfied with the reply. Almost all carriers around the world are, or already have provided a Froyo 2.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy S. Optus has, and I know Virgin Mobile and Optus are affiliated businesses. The link you gave me to the Samsung website is just a copout and doesn’t resolve anything. Samsung don’t provide the update directly to the phone, the carriers do, through the Kies software. But you know this already because you’ve already received countless emails just like mine. The reply you gave me is a standard (word-for-word) response that you are instructed to give any customers that ask about the Froyo 2.2 update. When I signed up to a 2 year Virgin Mobile contract on the Galaxy S, I was told there would be an update. The response I received from you below is just not good enough. Can you please escalate my query to a supervisor or a complaints department, so that can have resolution on this matter.


        Thanks for your email.

        I sincerely understand your frustration about this whole situation. We were not informed yet about Froyo and we strongly recommend you to check out the Virgin Mobile website at for any updates.

        Thanks for your understanding.

        If you have any further questions, just let us know - we’re here to help.


        Why are you STRONGLY recommending that I check out . Where on the Virgin Mobile website is there anything related to a Froyo update for Galaxy S ? I’ve been there countless times, and it mostly has ads for phone plans etc. There is no page with content or information that resembles update details for a Samsung Galaxy S. The frequently asked question section appears to never change, and there is no news section being fed to the site. I just don’t know how the advice I'm being given resolves my query. I am not satisfied with the responses. If you read back through the email strand below, it’s starting to look like a run-around. And, please stop thanking me for my understanding, because I don’t understand. Again, can my query be escalated to a supervisor.


        Thanks for writing back.

        May I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

        Unfortunately, we don't the have the firmware of the Froyo update for your Samsung Galaxy S, my apologies. For better assistance, kindly contact Samsung on 1300 364 746 during business hours, AEST.

        I know that this has been very frustrating for you and I'll feel the same if I were in your shoes. I hope you'll allow us an opportunity to offer you better service in the future and turn this negative experience around.

        Thanks so much for your cooperation.

        Have a lovely day!

    BTW, It says on the Virgin Mobile website banner in big letters "No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction". Who were the morons that bestowed that accolade to Virgin Mobile.

    Well what are the chances of that, as soon as I posted the comments above, I turned on Kies to find the Froyo 2.2 update waiting for me. Of course, I'm happy it's there, and I'm doing the update as I type this, but how can Virgin say they know nothing of a Froyo Update and at the same time be distributing it customers. It seems that Virgin are not communicating effectively across departments.

    Attention all Virgin mobile Galaxy S owners:

    The Froyo 2.2 update is now available through Kies. I have personally updated my phone.

    About time.

      i'm with Virgin but cannot update yet as can't get my phone connected to my pc! I've tried two pcs, multiple versions of Kies and have rung Virgin and Samsung only to be told by Samsung to wait until Kies version 2 is released....currently still being made!!

        Here is the link to the guide from Virgin Mobile to upgrade to Froyo

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