Telstra Sets Outright Buy Prices For Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Telstra Sets Outright Buy Prices For Windows Phone 7 Handsets

At yesterday’s Windows Phone 7 Australian launch, the emphasis was squarely on $0 upfront, 24-month contract details for the new models. But if you don’t want that kind of lock-in, you will be able to buy the two models sold by Telstra outright.

The HTC Mozart will sell for $864, and the LG Optimus 7Q for $960. That’s at the top end of prices for Android phones, but still broadly comparable (the keyboard on the 7Q is doubtless a factor in the higher price). No word yet from Optus on its outright pricing, while Vodafone hasn’t even confirmed plan pricing for the HTC 7 Trophy.


  • And yet another reason why they won’t take off. Telstra would sell alot more if they were priced competitively.
    Same with the pricing for the samsung tablet vs iPad pricing

    • hmmm… what about comparing apples with apples (no pun intended)
      Very similiar to iphone prices and in the same ball park as Telstra’s main andriod prices (Desire $768, Galaxy S $960, Xperia X10 $1080), so yes you can but a quad core for that price, but can you carry it in you pocket, use it to check your email while your stuck in traffic, get directions to some pub when lost in a foreign city???

    • Hartmut Meier,

      I have played with the new software on the windows phone 7 device (HTC Mozart) and i can tell you that it is nothing short of amazing – it really is a 3rd option out there for everyone (besides app$e and android) and it really does offer some fantastic integration – windows live, office, outlook, exchange server and of course – XBOX. No other device out there can offer that at the moment.

      The point i am making is that – it is a fantastic new OS + if you have other microsoft products you will love it 100000% more.

      i really think it will do quite well

  • Love the way the OS is shaping up! I hope telstra offers them on some good plans (with good data allocations).

    Also why was Dell VP not launched in OZ?

  • When I bought my iPhone outright, I was told either a) No we don’t sell them without a plan, or b) a price ranging from $799 to $1200

    So I can’t understand anyone complaining about these initial outright prices. They are in line with just about every outright buy price for a top quality phone.

  • Have to agree with James there. I recently purchased the HTC Mozart through telstra on their $79 Cap plan.

    The phone does amazing things, ive swapped from optus iPhone 3GS to this, and being a fan of Xbox Live the fact it is all integrated and i can get gamer score from my phone, is awesome, even simple little things like changing what your avatar is wearing from your phone or just looking through previous and unfinished achievements in any Xbox or Windows Phone 7 game you have played and how to achieve it, its simple, but awesome.

    Its early days, but i see this OS doing big things and shaking up the market, Watch out apple.

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