Windows Phone 7 Launches In Australia October 21

Fancy a Windows Phone 7 device? The first phones will go on sale on October 21 in Australia, with models from HTC and LG going on sale via Telstra and a Samsung device through Optus.

On October 21, Telstra will begin selling the HTC 7 Mozart, which will be available with no handset charge if you sign up for a 24-month $49 a month contract. It will follow with the LG Optimus 7Q in November, which will be sold to general consumers on a new $129 a month plan which includes unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS, and 3GB of data. There'll also be a $79 a month plan option for business buyers.

Samsung has signed up with Optus, which will offer the Omnia 7 model on its $79 business and consumer plans on a 24-month contract from October 21. Update: Vodafone has also scored an exclusive on the HTC 7 Trophy, but there's no pricing details yet.

Further out, HTC will release the HD 7 model early in 2011. No word yet on any of the other devices being launched elsewhere in the world. Nick has a full round-up of the specs for the local models at Gizmodo.

At the media event, locally-developed applications from Foxtel, Australian Rugby, Tennis Australia, Australia Post, Eagle Boys Pizza and Lonely Planet were on show. As we've noted before, apps for the phone will only be available via the Windows Phone 7 app store, at least until someone gets around to jailbreaking the platform. Telstra will offer payment for apps and content via your main mobile bill for transactions up to $20, which is a handy way of not over-using your credit cards.

Nothing substantial has changed in Windows Phone 7 since I played with a test version in August, and I still think that it's impressive but not exactly compelling (though predictably I like the fact the Optimus 7Q has a slide-out keyboard). Are you excited about Windows Phone 7? Tell us why in the comments.


    49$ cap vs 129$ cap? Significant difference between the two.

      The $49 cap has $400 of calls/sms/mms, and 200 MB data

    Microsoft? are they still kicking around?

    "$129 a month plan which includes unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS, and 3G of data."

    Is that "3G data" or "3GB of data"?

      3GB. Fixed now.

    Windows (yawn) Mobile (yawn) 7 (snore).

    How long has this been in the works? And what about the failed Zune and (danger-ous) Kin efforts?

    I had Palm and WinMo handhelds for many years, then a WinMo mobile (O2 Oxygen) but WinMo 6.5 was unreliable and Microsoft showed no sign of updating it for yonks. I went back to my Nokia mobile and Palm Tungsten T3 until the Financial Controller allowed me to buy an iPhone 3G. Game over - two years ago!

    I think for Microsoft, it will be too little, too late. What will keep them afloat is the fact that they will have at least four manufacturers in their corner regularly churning out new hardware.

    But there's nothing here to interest me.

      Why comment then? Why waste valuable time on something that clearly does not interest you?

    I'm interested in the Samsung for sure! I have an iPhone, tried an HTC Desire Android and I think the WP7 may offer a better experience than those.

    Any idea if they'll have outright prices? Already on a contract but thinking of upgrading.

      I asked this at the launch; Telstra said 'yes', but had no idea on prices and frankly seemed a bit confused by the question.

    Super exicted, great to see australian developers being able to sell aps (unlike android) really beieve this will become the second major smartphone platform here.

    Think the samsung devices will be great, no need to worry about samsung upgrading them as upgrades will be done by ms, in a similar modal to what apple does. Only major problem is that all the devices only come with 8GB memory and many have no way of upgrading.

    I strongly recommend that unless you are a mindless follower DONT get a windows 7 phone. You cant do much with them unless it is done how microsoft says it should be done. The developers of this platform dont seem to smart to me. You should be able to do things your way with Microsofts way as an option but instead its the other way. This isn't so much a phone for dumnmies but a phone by dummies. An extremely frustrating phone for people who just want to get things done, especially business. On top of this you are very limited in the apps available. You are limited basically to a list of usless toys. About the only good things are the phone book and the camera.

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