Planhacker: Windows Phone 7 2011 Guide

While Windows Phone 7 remains a relative minnow in the smartphone market, there are a growing range of apps appearing and some nifty handsets available. Here's our full roundup of all the phones you can buy on contract in Australia.

We haven't rounded up Windows Phone 7 devices since their initial launch last year, and there's been quite a bit of movement in the market since then, both in terms of the phones on offer and the plans on which they are available.

As ever, your choice of handsets may be heavily influenced by reception options where you live. That said, Telstra has the biggest range of handsets on offer (though with three, that's not exactly a boatload.) Vodafone is the only provider with 12 month contracts in this space, which might also be a factor. The LG Optimus 7Q is the only option with a physical keyboard.

For each phone, we've listed the plan cost, handset charges, total call value included and the amount of included data (measured in MB, except on a handful of Telstra phone plans which measure data allocations in dollars). We've recently analysed standard contract plans and "unlimited" plans if you want more insight into what the plans offer. We haven't included online-only sale discounts or other specials.

Here's the full table; you can click on the column headers to filter down results to specific prices, carriers or other features. You can also access this as a PDF.

For full details of the plans from each carrier, hit the company links below:

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodafone
  • Know of a Windows Phone 7 offer that we've missed? Tell us in the comments.

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    Just to clairfy since this website never does...

    THE HD7 on Telstra isnt $32p/m on every freedom connect plan

    $49 - $22p/m
    $59 - $17p/m
    $79 - $12p/m
    $99 - $7p/m
    $129 - $2p/m

    and actually all the telstra handset costs are completely different to what is in this excel sheet...

    The Mozart 7 is $0 on any Freedom Connect $59 and Above...

    Where on earth do you get your information from?

      Those are the prices listed on the Telstra site: e.g. for the $59 "Handset cost $0.00 upfront plus $15.00/mth Min. Total Cost: $1776.00".

      I suspect Telstra has some errors in its site pricing: it seems odd that the handset prices for the Mozart rise with each plan, but that's what the site is quoting .

    Sigh... whoever made that website is an idiot...

      This is something new for Telstra?

    it seems that crazy johns is offering the HTC trophy 7 on a $29 plan with no handset repayments, including 1gb of data. Which does seem almost crazy, I guess. No experience with crazy johns myself, but if they're using the Vodafone network I can at least say that it's not as goddawful as it was a couple of months ago, which is something, right?

    waiting for Nokia....

    still waiting...

      Whatever happened to the Omnia 7? That's one of the better Wp7 devices out there...

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