How To Manipulate People

How To Manipulate People

There are times in life where people don’t give you what you want, but you don’t have to settle for disappointment. When life gives you lemons, manipulate the lemon salesman. Here’s how.

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It’s worth noting that manipulating people is generally a bad thing to do. Please do not take this advice. Instead, use it as a guide to spot manipulation in your day-to-day interactions and protect yourself from manipulative people. Such is the goal of Evil Week.

Emotion vs Logic


Master Your Own Emotions

Be Charming and Flirt Often

Charm is great, but when you can flirt you should. Because manipulation generally makes the target feel poorly, whether they understand that they’re being manipulated or not, the more they like you the better. Disregard the boundaries of your own sexuality and throw in some suggestive touches when you think they’ll be effective. This tactic is especially effective with people who are lonely and have low self-esteem.[imgclear]

Overcome Trust Issues and Heal Doubt

The biggest enemy you’ll have when trying to manipulate another person is doubt. If they don’t notice something fishy about your behaviour, they might start to notice that they’re not acting like themselves. Hopefully, at this point, you’ve managed to learn a few of their problems and what they want to change about their lives. If they openly question the way they’re acting, remind them that change is often uncomfortable but they need to go through this tumultuous period in their lives to make positive progress. Save any negativity for a necessary emotional outburst. Positivity is always your best friend when trying to convince people to do what you want. Negative manipulation should only be used when necessary. Too much negativity will make you an ineffective manipulator.

Conceal Evil in Altruism

What to Do If You’re Discovered

Does this sound like a manual a friend of yours follows? Have you been a target for manipulation in the past? If you’ve got any tips on detecting manipulators and understanding how they operate, let’s hear ’em in the comments.


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