Defend Your Desktop Against The Forces Of Evil With These Superhero Wallpapers

In a world of computer viruses and spyware, a mere human doesn't stand a chance. That's why this week we're providing your desktop with some superpowers — or at least the illusion of them, thanks to these wallpapers.


Download this wallpaper [Wallpaper Gravity 1280x1024]


Download this wallpaper [Wallpaper Abyss 1920x1200]


Download this wallpaper [ 1600x1200]

The Amazing Spider-Man

Download this wallpaper [Comic Wallpapers 1920x1440]

We had a tough time with the Spider-Man wallpapers because they were all so busy (and/or tiny), and we like to keep the desktops simple. That said, some of them were just really awesome despite being busy so we had to include one anyway.

Wonder Woman

Download this wallpaper [SpazChicken on deviantART 1280x1024]

The Flash

Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 1600x1200]

Tardis XP

Download this wallpaper [Boxless Thoughts 1600x1200]


Download this wallpaper [The Paper Wall 2560x1600]


    The Batman wallpaper links to a website saying "Wallpaper not found" :(
    This is a suitable replacement though :)

      Found it:

    I didn't think the TARDIS was a superhero - nor the Doctor, but whovians everywhere thank you for the inclusion!

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