Our Ten Most Useful Android Posts Ever

All week, we've been discussing what's new with Android, the benefits of the platform and which phones are available on contract. To finish out a week of Android love, it seems appropriate to revisit our most useful Android posts ever. Enjoy!

10. Android Task Killers: What They Do And Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

Task killers haven't been so prominent with recent Android releases, but they remain a bad idea. This post tells you why.

9. The Best Travel Apps For Android

Travel apps are a natural for any smartphone. Here's our selection of the best for Android.

8. The Best ‘Evil’ Apps For Android

A key part of Android's appeal for hackers is the ability to dig deep into the phone system. This post highlights some of the best options for doing that.

7. Ask LH: Which Android Tablet Should I Choose?

Android isn't just for phones anymore. If you're thinking about an Android tablet, here's some useful advice.

6. How To Choose The Right Android ROM For You

The number of custom ROMs available has increased a lot since we wrote this post, but the basic principles remain sound.

5. How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Fully Automated Superphone

Tasker enables automation on your Android at literally any level you can imagine. Well worth the investment.

4. Jumping Ship From iPhone To Android: A Switcher’s Guide

Moving from iPhone to Android? They're both touchscreen devices, but there are some key differences — here's what you need to know.

3. How To Get Better Battery Life From Your Android Phone

One of Android's more obvious annoyances is that battery life isn't always the greatest — but these tricks will help you max out what's available.

2. Lifehacker Pack For Android: Our List Of The Best Android Apps

A good smartphone is ultimately all about the apps. Here's our selection of the ones you shouldn't miss.

1. The Complete Guide To Rooting Any Android Phone

Rooting your device (stop sniggering — it enables access to the root system account) is the key to a whole world of extra goodness. Even if you don't want to flash a custom ROM, rooting is worthwhile, and pretty straightforward on most phones.


    Nice to see the task-killer post right at the top. Still see countless amounts of people recommending task-killing apps for newer ROMs, obviously misunderstanding how the Android system manages it's tasks now.

    Definitely an important bit of info that needs to be spread around the android developement community more.

    Great list of articles.

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