Foxtel To Launch Dedicated 3D Channel In November

Foxtel has been promising a 3D channel since earlier this year, and it's finally coming on November 1, with a mixture of sports, movies and documentaries.

Getting 3D via Foxtel won't come cheap — the option will only be offered to customers who already have an HD package from Foxtel and subscribe to its sports bundle. Given that the majority of content will come from Fox Sports and ESPN, that's not altogether surprising, but it does mean you'll be paying an absolute minimum of $84 a month (plus installation fees if you can't dodge them).

Looking forward to a 3D channel? Figure you've got better things to spend your hard-earned on? Tell us in the comments.


    Expensive?.... Fine don't want 3D anyway.

    Man what's the use of getting a 3DTV without much open access to 3D channels? Hardly.

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