Finally, 4K Is Coming To Foxtel

Finally, 4K Is Coming To Foxtel
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Foxtel is introducing a dedicated 4K channel to broadcast live sports, documentaries and more. The good news for cricket boffins is that the channel will be up and running in time for the Australia vs South Africa one day international on November 4 – Australia’s first live 4K broadcast.

Foxtel’s 4K channel will launch in October on channel 444 and – as a satellite channel – Foxtel is promising guaranteed delivery to all Australian homes. That’s delivery to all Australian homes with either a Sports HD or Platinum HD Foxtel subscription and Foxtel’s new IQ4 top-box.

The current offer for a Platinum HD subscription with IQ4 will set you back $99 per month for the first 12 months. The standalone sports package is $58 per month plus a $100 installation fee.

You’ll need a 4K compatible TV to watch the channel too but that should go without saying.

“Today’s news is just the first step into a 4K future – this incredible experience will continue to expand as we bring even more sport and entertainment programming to life in guaranteed 4K, making the most of today’s ultra-modern 4K TVs. It’s TV like never before,” said Patrick Delany, Foxtel CEO.

Initial offerings on the channel will be a mix of native 4K and upscaled shows including a mix of live sports, documentaries and concerts.

Cricket is currently front and centre of the new channel, as Foxtel secured the rights earlier this year in a billion dollar deal. Hope those documentaries are bangers because they could be on an endless loop when the cricket isn’t on.


  • This is long overdue.

    It also brings up another issue, Foxtel’s current picture qualities vary greatly channel to channel. They really need to work on addressing this. Otherwise, the range of picture will be badly compressed, low bit rate SD up to 4k.

    It seems even among the SD channels and the HD channels the quality differences are vast. The very fact they offer mostly SD content in 2018 is absurd. Then the fact most of it is compressed to be well below SD is even worse.

    I have a nice big 4k screen, honestly, only a few of the HD channels actually look decent. Good quality HD on Foxtel is still below the quality of Netflix. I recently saw some forum discussions on this. Trust me, as someone with a big screen, Foxtel can’t hide its compression and low bit rates.

    EDITED: Apparently, the IQ3.5 they’ve been rolling out recently will be software updated to do 4k. I would not have been happy if that wasn’t the case.

  • i think id rather shoot myself then be forced to watch gayas cokit in 4k wow how bogans bag football calling it boring fkme imagine sitting watching 5 hours of the most pathetic lamest crap on tv in 4k geez cant get more sad than that..paying $65 to watch this is a cry for attention…foxtel 3 years too late mate, just like telstra 2 overpriced rubbish stuff yet aussies will flock to em because theyre dumb and love supporting rubbish just because its aussie made pfft..if telstra doesnt hit $1 on the sharemarket ill marry the first nimbin i see
    cricket haha seriously thats the promotion for 4k cant get any worse oh wait media pretending australia is actually good at anything internationally..sports what a joke

    • wow talk about bogan inbreds, what an amazing post.

      Yeah foxtel are years behind, when actually they are the first in Australia to broadcast 4K. Streaming 4K is different to broadcasting it, seen any 4K content from channel 7, 9, 10, abc etc? No, so actually Foxtel are leading the pack mate.

      As for the rest of your post I won’t even bother, it would be like telling a Trump supporter that he is not actually the healthiest, smartest president ever. A complete waste of time.

  • if it’s not clear above this is only available for people with a satellite connection, foxtel over cable won’t have 4k.

    Interested to know what Foxtel are charging for box upgrades for existing customers, anyone know?

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