Foxtel Planning 3D Channel In 2011

I was being interviewed on Perth radio 6PR the other day about trends at CES and the host asked me where we'd get the 3D content to watch on the 3D TVs that dominated the show. My answer was "probably off Blu-ray discs", but it looks like we might have another option soon: 3D content on Foxtel.

Nick at Gizmodo got onto Foxtel last week to ask what, if any, plans the broadcaster had for 3D content, and was told that test broadcasts were likely to take place in 2011. That's not altogether surprising — Foxtel loves having services it can charge a premium for, and the success of 3D movies suggests that people will pay more for the experience. It's still more likely that we'll get 3D for event movies and sports broadcasts than for every passing program, but it suggests the 3D hype might last beyond the end of January.

Foxtel To Launch 3D Broadcasts In 2011 [Gizmodo]


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