Use A Bluetooth Headset For Improved Reception In Spotty Locations

If sitting stone still in the one corner of your apartment that actually gets decent reception sounds like a terrible way to conduct a phone call, a Bluetooth headset can act as an extender for your mobile phone's terrible reception

Photo by Creative Tools.

Lifehacker reader John Olinda get's really lousy reception in his home. Rather than make all his calls from the one spot that gets a good signal he puts the phone in the sweet spot and roams around using a Bluetooth headset.

If you get poor cell reception in your house or where you work (which is definitely the case where I live), use a bluetooth headset as an extender by leaving your phone near a window or wherever the best signal is. You won't have to worry about the call dropping even if you move around the room while talking.

So often we think of Bluetooth accessories as simply allowing us to use devices in close proximity but sans wires. In this case, however, the 10m-ish range of a Bluetooth headset frees you from being stuck where the cellular signal is strongest. Have a clever way to get more out of the technology you already have? Let's hear about it in the comments. Thanks John!


    An iPhone 4 Reception FIX!
    ^ more people would read if that was the title.


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