Hack A Stereo Jack Into A Bluetooth Headset For Wireless Streaming

If you want a quick and easy way to stream music from your computer or phone to your home stereo and have an old Bluetooth headset lying around, Instructable user dex3844 has a simple guide to hack a stereo jack into it.

To follow the guide, all you need is a Bluetooth headset, stereo jack, soldering iron, hot glue gun and a thin wire. It's a simple, nine-step process that only requires you to pop open the casing of your headset and solder a couple wires. His tutorial guides you through a mono installation, but if you have a stereo headset the difference should only be a single wire.

There are commercially available audio dongles that do the same thing, but if you're looking for a way to do it yourself on the cheap, you can find the full tutorial over a Instructables.

Bluetooth Headset Hack [Instructables]


    This is cool. I got a BT dongle with a mobile phone a few years ago, and I'm not enough of a douchebag to actually use it with my phone. I might just use this hack to play tunes from my iPod Touch to the car stereo.

    Thanks for the idea! :)

    Nice. For those who aren't so handy, where can you buy something like this ready made? can't find one on ebay.

      There are a few models around. I know Belkin makes a "Bluetooth Music Receiver" and RIM has their "Remote Stereo Gateway". They're a bit pricier than a cheap bluetooth headset, but there might be budget-brand equivalents I don't know about.

    Most bluetooth headsets don't support the A2DP audio streaming profile, so it will not only be mono but a very low bitrate.
    Might be useful if you want to build a bluetooth speakerphone, but will be pretty bad for music.

    Nokia bluetooth, stereo headsets go for about $30 on eBay.

    Long battery life and no problem streaming.


    I tried this with a cheep headset. it had the wires for stereo but the sound quality was appalling

    "2 yrs of rigorous coding (evenings and weekends), using only php + mysql + html + javascript + jquery + lot of brains + lot of meditation + lot of patience + lot of love = Mockuptiger"

    "if you’re looking for a way to do it yourself on the cheap"

    N6 Bluetooth V2.1 Handsfree Headset ~$15 delivered;

    Nuf Said.

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