Optus Turbo Max Prepaid Plan Loads Up The Data

Optus Turbo Max Prepaid Plan Loads Up The Data

Prepaid phone plans often compete on call minutes and text tallies, but Optus’ Turbo Max plan has a feature that isn’t seen as often: a large wodge of data for browsing on your phone.

The $100 Turbo Max plan includes 3,000 minutes of calls, 3,000 texts and 2GB of data for each $100 recharge. As is typical with prepaid plans, you have to use that value within 30 days. If you’re a regular user, you could probably get better value on a post-paid plan, but the data inclusion does make this plan stick out a little from the prepaid pack. Optus is obviously getting keen on the Turbo branding, having rolled out Turbo Text last month.

Turbo Max


  • Very interesting… But I’d say if you just want data that Virgin has a much better option, $15 for 1GB.

    I don’t know about other carriers but I would believe that it should almost always be cheaper to have your normal prepaid balance and add data usage. If you’re paying $100/month on prepaid, you may as well go postpaid and add on data usage.

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