Woolworths Everyday Chatterbox Mobile Cheaper, Expires Sooner

Woolworths Everyday Chatterbox Mobile Cheaper, Expires Sooner

A key selling point for Woolworths Everyday Mobile service when it launched last year was a simple, one-price-fits all proposition. Now that the supermarket giant has introduced a second service, one can only assume it doesn’t see too many more people signing up for the original plan.

The newly-launched Everyday Mobile Chatterbox offers the same basic rates as the original scheme (15 cents for texts, 15 cents per 30 seconds and a 15 cent connection charge for voice calls), but effectively trades expiry time for extra money. Instead of a 100 day recharge period, you get 30 days, but the amount of credit you get increases. Purchase a $20, $30 or $50 Chatterbox recharge, and you’ll be assigned $30, $60 or $100, which needs to be used within 30 days. (Until April 25, the $30 plan also includes an additional $30 bonus credit as a launch offer.)

It’s not a terrible deal and will score you a few extra Everyday Rewards Points, though as ever you’d need to consider network reliability and availability in your area (the service uses Optus) and your own usage patterns. Heavy texters might well be better off with an alternative prepaid plan, as the Woolworths deal doesn’t include any free texts to other customers on the same network.

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  • Great to see them expanding the menu for us. I will be comparing them tonight. Next will be their data offer. Interesting to know how it has affected sales of other prepaid products also sold through Woolworths owned retail. Just noticed them in Dick Smith’s today for the first time. Have a nice stand to them selves.

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