Does AAPT’s Cap-Free Broadband Plan Measure Up?

Does AAPT’s Cap-Free Broadband Plan Measure Up?

Download-limit-free plans are few and far between in the Australian market. Does AAPT’s newly-announced plan have what it takes?

For $99.95, the AAPT plan includes no download limits on an ADSL2+ broadband connection, as well as unlimited access to a music streaming service from EMI and $50 in music downloads from the service each month. No download limits means no grappling with shaping or large excess download charges, so it’s potentially good news, especially for dedicated BitTorrent users.

The immediately obvious downsides? You have to sign up for a 24-month contract and switch your home phone line to AAPT as well, which might end up costing more than your current landline provider. Customers outside AAPT’s ADSL2+ exchanges can get the service, but will be charged $109.95 per month despite the lower speeds. AAPT’s terms make it clear that the service can only be used for residential customers, and that they will cut you off if they suspect you’re using it for business. (There’s also extra charges for paper bills and non-direct-debit accounts, though that’s pretty standard these days.)

Does $100 for all the bandwidth you can eat sound tempting, or would you rather stick with your present provider? Is naked DSL a more appealing option for cost reasons? Share your thoughts in the comments?



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