Uncapped ADSL Plans From TPG, Exetel

Uncapped ADSL Plans From TPG, Exetel

Uncapped ADSL Plans From TPG, ExetelWhen AAPT rolled out an uncapped ADSL2+ broadband plan last month, we wondered how long it would be before other providers followed suit. This week, both TPG and Exetel have announced unlimited services, potentially eliminating the pain of a slowed connection or an unexpected bill near the end of the month.

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AAPT’s deal required a 24-month contract and a phone line switch, and the new deals also come with strings attached. TPG says its plan will cost $75 a month, but hasn’t yet set a release date or outlined terms and conditions. Exetel’s similar $75 deal, meanwhile, is only available to customers who have already been with the company for 12 months or more, and is invitation-only (which might mean any customers who already come close to exceeding limits aren’t invited anyway). Economics probably dictate that we’ll never see a general unlimited broadband offer in Australia, but at least the options are slowly increasing.

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  • what study are you talking about, that came to the conclusion “Economics probably dictate that we’ll never see a general unlimited broadband offer in Australia”, thats a big call, obviously we are heading in that direction, and other countries are already there, we are just lagging behind as usual. Big call to say we will Never get unlimited in aus, is all i am saying.

    • Given the cost of international connectivity, the fact that our dominant ISPs not only enforce caps but include uploads in them, the shift towards mobile broadband, and the fact that markets such as the US are also moving towards introducing download caps in many cases, I would be very surprised to see unlimited caps as the main form any time soon. If that happens, I’ll be pleased to admit I was wrong.

      • Don’t underestimate the power of competition. If other ISP’s find they are losing significant numbers of customers because of these plans they will be forced to follow suit. The only reason ISP’s have been able to keep caps in Australia is because they’ve all had them.

        I remember when I first got broadband it was Optus cable and it was unlimited. It was only later, when they realised they didn’t need to do this to compete with Telstra, (and the inherent limitations of cable started to kick in), that they changed.

        Now the market is changing again, and competition is driving things in the opposite direction.

  • My TPG plan just upgraded again.
    $49.95 for 130GB, with a capped speed of 1Mbps!
    Can hardly complain if I get capped.

    And regarding the US now introducing caps. . .
    Michael Pachter (game analysts over at Game Trailers) recently said that the reason caps are being introduced is purely for money (obviously).
    Cap current plans, then down the line introduce ‘new’ uncapped plans for $20 more.
    Has nothing to do with bandwidth or anything.

  • Regardless of their plans, how cheap or accessible they are…TPG can jam their services up their ***…I have never had more pain dealing with ANY service provider…for anything…EVER.

    • yeah tpg are pricks my mate has them he tried to download bioshock and he got a email saying that he had a warning is it because tpg are with sony or somthing i think that it is a complete privacy violation any one who wants to bich about it with me contact me on this email [email protected]

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