Cricket Live Offers Cricket To iPhone Users, For A Fee

Cricket Live Offers Cricket To iPhone Users, For A Fee

Approaches to broadcasting sports on mobile phones differ. Promising free streaming to users of a particular network is pretty common (see FIFA, for instance). However, charging both for the stream and the application, as Vodafone’s Cricket Live for iPhone does, is a rather less common tactic.

The Cricket Live application costs $1.19, and offers live match information and statistics. If you’re a Vodafone or 3 customer, you can then watch live TV streams of Australian matches for a $2.49 a day fee. That’s a pretty expensive way to watch a small mobile screen, but admittedly cheaper than a ticket to the match. But is it right to charge for both the app and the viewing? Lob your thoughts into the comments.

Cricket Live [iTunes Store link]


  • Yeah sure they charge for it.. but its $1.19!! What can you buy for $1.19 these days?

    And $2.49 for a days worth of cricket? You cant even get a beer in a bottleshop for that these days!

    iPhone users have been spoilt with cheap and free apps.. it does cost to pay developers.

    If it was $1.19 for a Windows version no-one would complain would they?

  • My thoughts are if it’s a big corporation developing or commisioning the app, then they should eat the cost and offer it for free (ie: ABC, banks, eBay, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Optus, etc…)

    If its a “private” developer then yeah, they have to pay ppl to write and develop apps, so I feel they deserve to recoup some $$$. And the nature of the market place will determine if the app, and the price warrant an investment from iPhone customers. ie: the cream will ri$e and the dregs will sink to the bottom.

    I enjoy paying a couple dollars here and there for apps that you can tell have had thought, originality, functionality and care in the making. Supporting these guys with a tip-jar donation is what will keep the iPhone ecosystem going IMO.

    As to the topic of this post. They should offer the this app for free, esp if they are charging ppl to access the content, and then charging them for the data they consume also to watch the content. Shows you how greedy and out of touch some big corps can be.

  • I’d like it fine if it worked. I bought the app looking to replace the good deal we previously had of $8 a month for unlimited streaming on a non iPhone. I don’t mind paying per day, but I do object to paying $2.49 on top of the data I have to pay for. If they’re offering pay per view the payment should cover all the cost of watching.

    But it’s all moot for me. The streaming component of the app has never worked and the support monkeys can’t sort it. So all I’ve got now is a below average live score app. And that can’t even fire up on time-the tests have started at 10.30 but the app won’t start scores ’til 11am.

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